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Declare Labels, developed by the International Living Future Institute, were created to look like nutrition labels, for products. They are used on building products to inform consumers of the origin of a product, the substances in it, and information about its fate at the end of its useful life. Learn more here.

Interesting in creating a Declare label? Toxnot is the platform to create them.

As a Toxnot user, you may create a preview of a Declare Label. To submit to ILFI for approval and publication, you may connect your ILFI membership in Toxnot or sign up through ILFI for the first time here.


Interested in building an HPD with toxnot?

All you need is a formulation name or RN and the approximate amount (% or weight) down to 100-1000ppm.

Health Product Declarations

The Health Product Declaration (HPD) Open Standard is the leading benchmark for reporting and disclosing the contents of building products and their associated health information.

As a single reporting standard that is freely available, HPDs streamline the communications between buyers and designers and their upstream suppliers and manufacturers when it comes to the composition of their products.

The HPD initiative is managed and supported by the HPD Collaborative (HPDC).

Completing an HPD is the first step in product assessment and optimization. HPDs report chemical-specific results of two types of hazard assessments: the GreenScreen List Translator™ and the GreenScreen® full assessment. The List Translator describes chemical hazards based on whether they appear on authoritative and screening lists. The full assessment is a more comprehensive review of all available hazard information.

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LEEDv4 Manufacturer Inventory

Get LEED Credits as part of the Materials and Resources – Building Product Disclosure & Optimization – Material Ingredient Reporting Section

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or (LEED), is changing the way buildings and communities are built and operated. LEED-certified buildings are resource efficient and the chemical hazards in their products are more transparent.

Recently, the US Green Building Council announced that for the LEED v4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization—Material Ingredients, Option 1, Manufacturer Inventory, can be used to meet the requirements of the credit. HPDs can be used for either disclosure or optimization, but a number of other reports, like the Manufacturer Inventory, are also acceptable.

The Manufacturer Inventory still requires a complete reporting of substances down to 1000 ppm (0.1%) but it allows manufacturers to withhold name and RN as long as they provide role, amount and the hazard screening supplied by toxnot.

Details on this credit can be found here.

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