A single, powerful software platform for sustainability, compliance & supplier data can change everything

Toxnot’s software streamlines supplier data collection, compliance assessment, sustainability, and product reporting

Design safer products, clean up your supply chain, meet regulations - and save time on sustainability reporting

Choose safer chemical alternatives, analyze entire supply chains, quickly produce reports like Declare Labels and HPDs

Your supply chain data is a resource. Use it to source & build better, less toxic products
"Because both collection of data & reporting are automated, we found that we save hours of time & money which would have been spent manually inputting data from emails and spreadsheets"
Chemical hazard management made easy
Discover. Design. Disclose.

Find chemicals of concern in your materials, products, and supply chains.

Identify alternative, safer ingredients and make product design more sustainable. Submit your findings to multiple indexes and labels from a single import.

Understand & screen your product portfolio against 50+ regulatory lists. Manage California Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, RoHS, and REACH documentation.

Your data stays private, secure, and automatically current- even when regulations change.

Built-in protections for proprietary formulation information.

Best of all, our dedicated team supports each customer from implementation to reporting - anytime, globally.

Product Transparency Playbook

A guide to getting started with materials health management

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