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Want to learn more? Download our free Product Transparency Playbook.

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is a simple and secure chemical hazard dashboard that connects supply chain with product design for fast and innovative reporting


With Toxnot, you and your suppliers can create and send data collection surveys, enabling you to manage your entire material portfolio from a single dashboard. Simple, secure surveys. Toxnot also provides the option to upload bills of materials and chemical formulations from nearly any file type, matching hazard data automatically.


Toxnot provides hazard data on tens of thousands of specific chemicals. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. Quickly compare your entire product line against regulatory lists, view alternative materials, check aggregated substances, view portfolio-wide hazard scores, update systematically, and manage highly complex supply chains.


Want to sell into Walmart, Google, or LEED building companies? Transparency is key. Meet buyer requirements and access preferred supplier programs along with a host of other reporting standards for thousands of substances. Generate unlimited reports from the same product bill of materials including Health Product Declarations (HPD), LEEDv4 Manufacturer Inventories and Declare labels.

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Look up hazard data, share with suppliers, and compare substance hazards visually.

Toxnot helps you to:

  • Streamline collecting, managing and reporting for chemical transparency
  • Phase out hazardous chemicals throughout your supply chain
  • Balance design tradeoffs confidently with clear hazard comparisons
  • Manage your portfolio of products and materials
  • Get better, smarter materials into your products

Who uses Toxnot?
Sustainability Managers

Seeking to building smarter products and clean upstream value chains? Toxnot’s open platform is an easy, innovative solution to fill data gaps and lower costs for anyone interested in sustainability and operational efficiency.
Product Designers & Materials Engineers

Searching for a new, greener alternatives, but aren’t always sure what’s better? Toxnot helps designers make confident decisions around tradeoffs with clear, comparable hazard profiles.
EHS & Compliance Managers

Want to drive meaningful change? Phase out hazardous chemicals and understand the risks of alternatives? Easily collect the information you need from suppliers and use it to compare with our transparent data, allowing you to leverage the power of our third-party verified hazard rating methodology. Proactively chose preferred substances and stay ahead of regulations.
Sustainability Consultants

You have multiple clients seeking your help to clean up their supply chain. You need a service that helps you collect data, understand risks, decide on alternatives and create usable reports. We’ve got you covered.

Help your customers get the hazard data they need faster. Toxnot provides affordable options to obtain verified hazard data and profiles for over 40,000 substances. Our innovative crowd-funding option allows you to collaborate to obtain answers you need.
Suppliers & Chemical Formulators

Your clients are requesting transparency to trust that your chemicals are preferable. By using an independent hazard assessment methodology, you can give your customers confidence in their claims. Third-party transparency is key.

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