Supply Chain Management for Health and Sustainability

The leading chemical management platform for collecting supply chain data, choosing safer alternatives, and reporting on your success.

Thousands of people rely on Toxnot - what are you waiting for?

Can Product and Supply Chain compliance be effortless and appealing?

We think so.

Innovative design and customer loyalty hinge on awesome materials and quality products. Toxnot was founded on the idea that supply chain compliance should seamlessly support design and marketing and vice versa.


Toxnot provides a platform that can handle the most granular chemical formulations connected through suppliers and materials to products and marketing. This end to end representation of your supply chain is powered by cutting edge technology and easy to use interfaces for both you and your suppliers.

Don’t settle for minimum supply chain compliance, make it an automatic part of your improved design and innovation process.

Let’s start by streamlining the process of collecting supply chain data, understanding regulatory risk and keeping it all up to date with your product and sourcing teams.

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Ready to up the ante? Let’s use your efforts to not only comply with regulations, but to choose safer chemicals, drive product innovation and build customer loyalty.

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Are your sustainable design initiatives already a raging success? If your products are more sustainable than ever then you need to tell the world. Let’s turn your data into a marketing asset!

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