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toxnot’s intuitive tools are designed to mirror the manufacturing and reporting process for products and entire product portfolios.
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is a simple and secure chemical hazard dashboard that connects supply chain with product design for fast and innovative reporting

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Search for hazard data on tens of thousands of specific chemicals. Anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

For large data needs on a tight budget, affordable subscription services streamline and expedite data management for thousands of chemical hazards instantly.

Report & Disclose

Want to sell into Walmart, Google, or LEED building companies? Transparency is key.

Build Health Product Declarations, meet LEED standards, generate a Declare label, meet buyer requirements and access preferred supplier programs along with a host of other reporting standards for thousands of substances.

Import existing data or BOMs quickly from any system and toxnot will match up hazard data automatically. Instantly check hazard information with flags for regulatory lists and GreenScreen List Translator™ scores at a glance. Generate unlimited reports from the same BOM.

Supply Chain Surveys

If you open up to your upstream suppliers, they will open up to you.

With a Supplier Surveys Subscription, you and your suppliers have access to toxnot’s software portal where you can instantly send data collection surveys, onboard, train and collaborate with your suppliers, ensure efficient materials status management, validate, and update entire materials’ portfolios from a single dashboard.

Portfolio Analytics

toxnot Pro subscribers can access our highly efficient, time-saving Portfolio Analytics capability. You will be able to assess hazard data across your entire product line, no matter how complex. There is no other tool that will save you as much time and money.

Examine your entire product line against regulatory lists, check aggregated substances, portfolio-wide hazard scores, update systematically, and manage highly complex supply chains in a fraction of the time.

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Look up hazard data, share with suppliers, and compare substance hazards visually.

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  • Unlimited Substance Searches
  • Access to Full Hazards Assessments
  • Access to GreenScreen® List Translator Scores
  • Substance Hazards Visual Comparison Tool
Walmart recommends "that suppliers consider using tools such as Toxnot to determine priority chemicals"
Walmart Supplier Guide

Who uses toxnot?
Companies & Individuals

toxnot’s open platform makes hazard data readily available and reporting even easier. It also offers an easy, innovative solution to fill data gaps and lower costs for anyone interested in sustainability and operational efficiency. Reporting on chemical hazards is now even easier with our professional reporting tools. Anyone seeking to build smarter products and clean up upstream value chains can benefit from toxnot.
Product Designers

Designers are constantly looking for new, green alternatives - but how do you decide what is best? toxnot helps designers make confident decisions around tradeoffs through a clear hazard profile of the existing substances in products as a comparative baseline. toxnot also provides a low-cost way to evaluate new materials without going through the process of vetting and hiring a consulting services firm.

Want to drive meaningful change? Get better, smarter materials into products? Phase out hazardous chemicals? Understand the risks? Transparent data lets non-profits and individuals leverage the power of our third party verified hazard rating methodology. Level the playing field and drive change with our transparent, open data – because you deserve to know.
Product Compliance

While most companies have clear plans for regulated substances, reviewing hazard profiles is a great way to estimate the direction of future regulation.  In cases where risks are clearly identified, the comparison and sharing features on our site show your team why it makes sense to proactively move towards a preferred substance or away from a problematic one.

Help your customers get what they need faster - and make it easier and more affordable for you to provide great hazard data and profiles that meet the highest standards. Our low fees give you more data for a wider variety of substances. Our innovative open platform means that you can reach project funders more easily and tackle the most complex projects faster and more effectively. Also, our crowdfunding initiative can help guide your research interests and help you collaborate to get answers for high need substances.
Suppliers & Chemical Formulators

By using an independent hazard assessment methodology, suppliers give their customers confidence in their claims about being preferable.  It also allows you to share the cost of assessing substances with other parties in the supply chain. Everyone benefits from better information and third party transparency.

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