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Design for Innovation & Safety

Compare chemical hazards and design risks out of your product portfolio

Automate Product Compliance

SCIP, REACH, CA Prop 65, RoHS, Conflict Minerals
Protect Supplier IP

Streamline Sustainability Reporting

Create Declare Labels, HPDs, Cradle to Cradle, & other reports on one collaborative platform

Streamline Your Supply Chain Infrastructure

Allow your product data to communicate effectively

Visibility starts with improved supplier data

Collect supplier surveys within our platform to easily integrate & manage your complete supply chain data across every single product in your company.

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Toxnot for Sustainability

Increase Product Transparency

Your success to transparency & circularity starts with strong supplier data collection. Align your company's sustainability goals across your supply chain and start screening & identifying safer, less toxic chemical hazards for improved product design. 

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Toxnot for Product Compliance

Automate Regulatory Reporting

Save time spent on managing your product compliance. Visualize data and configure any regulations you need when managing your products. With Toxnot you're able to unify all your product compliance data across your supply chain on one platform.  

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Toxnot for Suppliers

Securely Share Material Data

Supplier data security is our number one priority for users. Companies can scale reporting needs efficiently and discover hidden chemicals of concern all while protecting their suppliers' intellectual property. Toxnot provides a secure way for suppliers to control their material data and improve their customers product reporting accuracy.

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