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billed annually
Understand product and supply chain hazards

Included features:

  • Access unlimited GreenScreen List Translator™ Scores
  • Import substance inventories and BOMs
  • Screen against 50+ Regulatory Lists
  • Make a Declare Label (with ILFI Membership)
  • Preview Product Reports
  • Send Supplier Surveys
billed annually
Get started with reporting

All Free features plus:

  • Work with complex, multi-level BOMs and Material libraries
  • Reach out to your small manufacturing suppliers
  • Create Reports - HPD, LEED, Compliance, Etc.
  • Publish to GIGA/Origin Material Hub
billed annually
Full feature set to analyze products across your portfolio

All Basic features plus:

  • Collect data from your entire supply chain
  • Import and create custom Restricted Substance Lists
  • Analyze performance metrics across all your products
  • Create safer products with user-friendly design tools
billed annually
Simplify Product Compliance

All Pro features plus:

  • Make regulatory determinations (CA Prop 65, REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals)
  • Get notifications when regulations change
  • Track compliance status over time
  • Store product version histories
  • Combine supplier questionnaires with chemical data

Need a shared database for a Team, API access, or Enterprise features?

How does the Free version work? Is it a trial?
The Free version of Toxnot includes all the features listed above, for free, forever. There is no time constraint. When you’re ready to create product reports, create a custom Restricted Substances List or customize your dashboard, move up to Basic.
How do I get started?
We have compiled an extensive variety of Help Articles to get you started. We also have a customer success team ready to help -- use our chat window.
Can I change plans at any time or am I locked in?
Yes, you may change plans as your needs change. Contact us at or use the chat window and we’ll be happy to assist you.
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No. You may pay monthly. However, we notice that users who engage with Toxnot receive the most benefit from regular use over time. Also, if you sign up on an annual basis, enjoy a huge cost savings- 2 months free for Pro and Basic version!
I’m a consultant. Can I help multiple clients?
Yes, ask us about our Consultant Plan. We have options to allow you to access a client’s account to perform most features including making Declare Labels, compliance reports, and as a third party verifier. Contact us at or use the chat window and we’ll be happy to assist you.
What kind of support is offered?
Toxnot offers customer support via our chat window during regular US business hours. We constantly update our extensive Help Article library, which covers most features. Toxnot has an excellent customer success team. You can also email us.