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Access to GreenScreen List Translator Scores
Up-to-date GHS and Regulatory Data
Compare Substance Hazards Visually
Share Substances and Comparisons
Promote Funding of Alternative Assessments
Dynamic Linked Material Libraries
Import Substance Inventories and BOMs
Complex BOM Support (Alternatives, MultiSource, etc.)
Supplier Substance Data Collection Tools
Supplier Questionaire and Approvals Toolset
Preview Product Reports
Public Materials Database Access and Publishing
Create Product Reports (HPD, LEED, etc.)
Import and Create Custom RSL Lists
Standardized Product Portfolio Dashboard
Product Comparison Tools
Shared Product and Material DB
User Rights Management
Customize, Share, and Export Dashboards Opt.
API Implementation Opt.
Custom Report Implementation Opt.
Lines of Product Data 50 500 10,000 25,000+
Survey Responses 10 50 250 500+
File Storage 10 MB 250 MB 2 GB 4 GB+
Named Users 1 1 1 Unlimited
Concurrent Users 1+
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