[7439-92-1] , [EC: 231-100-4]


Additional EC Number(s): 215-267-0

Also Called: Lead, Metal; Lead (see Lead and Lead Compounds); Lead Compounds [dissolved]; Metals, if solid, particle size >= 1 mm, not reacting with water or atmospheric oxygen, unless classification in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 is required or a WGK-classification has been published by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt); Lead, inorganic dusts & fumes (as Pb);Lead;Lead (Pb);Lead (Pb) ( 0 - 12 years);Metalle, soweit sie fest sind, mit einer Korngrˆfle >= 1 mm, die nicht mit Wasser oder Luftsauerstoff reagieren, es sei denn, eine gefahrstoffrechtliche Einstufung ist erforderlich oder eine WGK-Einstufung wurde vom Umweltbundesamt verˆffentlicht;lead powder;[particle diameter < 1 mm];Lead, &gt;10 - 25% in a non hazardous diluent;Lead, >10 - 25% in a non hazardous diluent;Lead and compounds (inorganic);[particle diameter <1 mm];Lead [7439‐92‐1] and its inorganic compounds (inhalable fraction) except lead arsenate and lead chromate

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